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Manufacturer of control panels for starting and protecting electropumps

Luigi Floridia - Electric starters is a manufacturing company based in Paternò, Sicily, Italy.

The company was established 40 years ago by Mr. Luigi Floridia, who transferred his experience in the business of water wells drilling to the field of electrotechnics applied to agricultural and industrial processes.  

Our core business is the design and manufacturing of electro-mechanical and electronic equipment for the automation sector, to be used on water pumps (submersible, electropumps, motor pumps) and agricultural, civil and industrial automation. 

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The continuous research, in-depth study and great passion of Luigi Floridia's technicians have contributed to the development of the inverter with simplified programming.

Thanks to the keypad, conceived tomonitor Luigi Floridia inverters and installed in the HD HYDRODRIVE electric starters, inverter programming becomes simple and fast. The program, loaded into the Luigi Floridia inverter, is a standard type and is designed for the functioning of a system with constant pressure or level.

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Tutorial control panel ADE-DE

Luigi Floridia Electric Starters is proud to present a new video tutorial about the control panel ADE-DE, electronic panel for direct starting with big LCD screen:

  Tutorial ADE-DE


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